Charles Johnson Jumps the Shark

May 3, 2009

For years I lurked at Little Green Footballs and eventually became a proud lizard. My two years there were uneventful and quite enjoyable. Stimulating conversation overseen by a blogmaster who was logical and facts oriented. Sadly, those days are over.

For me it started when he made the claim that Sarah Palin’s religious beliefs were part of the reason why McCain lost. Thinking it was the Charles I’d seen for years I logically engaged him with my disagreement. He did not react well to my challenging his opinion. When I asked for proof, he didn’t cite any poll or study. After a rather snotty series of responses, he said the number of Google searches for Sarah Palin + Creationism and the fact that those on LGF were talking about it shows that he was right. Yes, he was serious. Fighting against that kind of emotion based, irrational thinking is what had made his site so popular. Since then he has devolved into the type of  blogger seen at places like the Daily KOS. His mere proclamations are to be treated as fact regardless of how poorly supported they are. Those that disagree are automatically wrong and seen as trolls…just because he says so. Below are a few more examples of his irrational beliefs.

  • The Tea Parties have been taken over by extremists.

What is his proof? At one Tea Party Ron Paul followers showed up. They weren’t the majority. They weren’t in charge, just attending. At another a video was shot of what those that were there are calling a left wing disrupter. This “disrupter” called for the burning of books. The clapping and cheering that followed was said by witnesses to be mocking and not agreeing. Charles thinks otherwise and hypocritically points out there is no proof that person was an infiltrator. Ummmm, there is no proof…other than from people who attended. I’ll believe them since unlike Charles, they were there and witnessed the whole thing and not just an edited video clip. Pushing his claim further, he points out a speaker spewing conspiracy theories and a moderator promoting the Constitution party. He even asserted that a 9/11 “troofer” organizing one of the Tea Parties further shows that he is correct. The previous information doesn’t prove anything, but it’s all the proof he needs. Last I checked, ONE or TWO Tea Party rallies hardly equals them all.  Unwilling to let it go, he recently posted a link to the website Five Thirty Eight where the blogger claims that the number of Ron Paul donors in each state can be extrapolated to show that a significant number of Ron Paul supporters attended the parties. So no real head count of RP followers is  solid proof? Riiiiiight. Underwhelmed by the “evidence”? You aren’t the only one.

  • Nationalist Socialists are Right Wing

The left has been quite successful at spreading the lie that Nazis were right wing. The name of the Nazi party was  the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Their views had much in common with today’s socialists minus the racist ideology. Charles made his pronouncement in the wake of the DHS report on right wing extremists and the murder of police officers by white suprmacist Richard Poplawski. It seems that the only real criteria is that they are pro-America. It should be pointed out that the Nazis were rather pro-Germany too. However, the Nationalist Socialists are pro-America like the left is. They will support this country after it’s been turned into a Socialist paradise. Don’t take my word for it that they aren’t right wing. Google National Socialist and check their sites for yourself. That is what I did. You’ll see that they are anything but “right wing.” One group is even a white Nationalist Socialist Green party. Say otherwise at LGF, and you’ll be mocked by his sycophants and maybe even Charles himself. That is if you aren’t banned. When the neo-nazi scumbags have conservative views I will agree they are right wing. Until then, the fact is they are not.

  • Olympia Snowe Is a credible Source on GOP Direction

This is a bit of inference by me, but I would say somewhat valid. Charles posted a thread where Olympia Snowe said that “ideological purity” is not the way for the GOP to get back into power. He called it an attempt at an intervention on her part. For those who are not familiar with her, think of her as a female Arlen Spector. So for him to think that she is in any way a valid voice for what direction the GOP should be headed in tells me there is no logic in his position. It seems to be more indicitive of his knee-jerk anti right bias than anything else.

  • Rush Limbaugh Helping to Mainstream Alex Jones

This irrational tantrum stems from an ad run on a commercial break during the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Despite being told that Rush doesn’t have control over advertising content and it may have been the work of local stations, he declared it inexcusable and that it made him ill. He stated that he doesn’t believe Rush has no control over it. After calming down and seeing his error, CJ eventually goes on to say he didn’t “imply” that Rush was endorsing Alex Jones. The problem is he did exactly that with his posts on that thread, but doesn’t want to admit his mistake. You see Charles, when you claim Rush has control yet allowed the ad, that is implying he endorsed it in some way.  Your raging sycophant’s claims to the contrary doesn’t change that. Oh, and playing the victim of Alex Jones/Conservative radio supporters doesn’t fly either. I guess being full of yourself means never having to admit you were wrong and illogical.

The majority of what I posted has happened in the last month and I for one won’t bother to be around for his absurd claims in the future. Others have already posted on his other increasingly irrational views which is why I didn’t mention them. He says he is being attacked for refusing to “go crazy” like the rest of the right wingers now that the dems are in power. No Charles, you are the one that  has lost it. Too bad you aren’t capable of seeing it. Welcome to obscurity.


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February 25, 2009

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